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4 Things I am Loving This Season for Nourishment & Well-Being

by | Nov 18, 2022 | Health, Life Hacks | 0 comments

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4 Things I am Loving This Season for Nourishment & Well-Being

by | Nov 18, 2022 | Health, Life Hacks | 0 comments

Ericka Day

Fall & Winter are some of my favorite seasons! I enjoy slowing down, becoming more inward, and soaking in what Pachamama provides through her always changing seasons (hello skiing!)

For some, this time of year can bring more depletion than enjoyment. I have complied a list of some of my favorite tools, resources, and even recipes to help you embrace these seasons with more nourishment for your well-being.

1. Recipes

Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls  from Cookie & Kate. I love cooking with foods of the season and this is a great way to add squash into your diet! Full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber! This is a vegetarian recipe, but I added baked shredded chicken to beef up the protein content.

White Bean Italian Soup-Gluten & Dairy Free from The Bettered Blondie. This recipie is so great, it is dairy & gluten free. It is packed with tons of nourishing fats that keep you satiated.

2. Reflection Tools 

The Best Year Journal  by Intelligent Change is one of my favorite companies. This journal is a 1 year planner with guided prompts to help set you up for your best year yet in your personal & professional life. I find their journal prompts and outline very noursihing, fun, and I have gained amazing insight. I also love how you can plan the entire year-and it is all in one place!

Next Chapter of Your Life: Goal Setting Journal is a journal I created if you would love a freebie! I created this based on what has helped me and my clients. This is a goal & intention setting tool for 8 areas of your life! Because everything is connected. I find we often set goals in one area of life for example career- but maybe we don’t take a close look at our relationships and how that is affecting us.

3. Meditations

Inward by Radhika Mukhija Sud is a beautiful 13 min guided meditation with ambient music to connect to the stillness within! She has so many amazing meditations on Insight Timer (which is the best free meditation app IMO)

Your Morning Motivation by DavidJi this is a 10 min guided meditation to start your morning with nourishment and inspiration. Starting your day with his meditation ritual creates an environment for your intentions to unfold and this creates greater ease & calmness for your nervous system.

4. Self Care Practices 

Give yourself permission to listen to what your body needs. I invite you to listen to the wisdom of your menstral cycle. This has been an on-going self-care practice for myself as I noticed around my menstral cycle-my normal routines, rituals, and even work-outs don’t fit in or feel right when I am menstrating. Instead, I have been allowing room for more of what I do want during that time- walking in nature, slowing down, letting myself rest and journal more, even going to bed earlier than normal. I hold all of this in a container of self-compassion. In our society, we tend to attatch our worth & identity with busyness & achievements. This is hurting us more than it is doing good.

When you are feeling depleted or on your cycle, ask yourself this

“What do I need right now to help nourish my wellbeing?”  

I hope this list of goodies will help you to find nourishment for you well-being during this season.

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Stay well