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3 Reasons a Solo Trip is a Life Changing Reset

by | Nov 27, 2021 | Adventure | 0 comments

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3 Reasons a Solo Trip is a Life Changing Reset

by | Nov 27, 2021 | Adventure | 0 comments

Ericka Day

Ah travel- the one word that brings a sense of excitment, wonder, and anticipation. Some of us are completely captivated by this word- and what it may bring us. I dream of a fresh Guinness at a pub in Ireland or hiking through the mountains in New Zealand. Whatever your flavor for travel is- most of us typically do this with other people. If you have traveled quite a bit, you come to a point where “solo travel” may start to creep into your mind. It happened to me! I ended up travling solo to Ireland and Peru- both trips changed my life! After my experiences, I realized the solo trips I have taken always felt like a huge re-set, as if I shed an old layer and came home as a new version of myself. If you are considering solo travel or want to know if it is right for you, read on! I list the top 3 reasons why a solo trip is an amazing re-set!

Reason #1- It is time for YOU

When traveling solo, it is time just for YOU! The itinerary is the ship that can take you wherever you please and you are the captain! When I first experienced this, it was very freeing! Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling with loved ones and friends- but on a solo trip- you call the shots! You get to find out how you like to travel! 

Reason #2- Exploration and Adventure

Exploration and adventure- WOW there is no greater re-set than that, in my opinion. It pushes you outside of your comfort zone and is an opportunity to learn about yourself! It opens up a cascade effect of opportunites that will come into your life- When I traveled solo to Ireland- it literally changed my life- I now have an amazing fiance becasue of that trip. Some ideas and ways to capitilize on this when traveling solo

  • Stay at a hostel- check out www.hostelworld.com
  • Sign up for a group tour or outing
  • Schedule one thing for yourself you normally would not do
  • Check out a FB Group like: BMTM Solo Femal Traveler Connect- connect or get advice from women who are at or have been where you want to go!

Reason #3- Clarity

When was the last time you gave yourself space, time, and silence? Our world is crazy busy- always rushing from one thing to the next. If we are always busy, it does not give us time to reflect, ponder, and dream. When you travel solo, it gives you the opportunity to have just that! A lot of women come away from a solo trip with clarity about their life, goals, dreams, and ambitions. It is a container to jump into the next phase of your life! How exciting is that! 

I hope this short article inspired you to consider traveling solo~ either in the U.S or Internationally- the world and all of its wonderful opportunites are waiting. If you have questions about how to travel solo or want to share a solo trip experince with me, please reach out!

Stay well